Practice in Website announces internship for the professional practice of journalists.

During this period the participants will develop their skills in operative newscast preparing, editing, coverage of court cases and interviewing.

The one month internship is free of charge. It will start on August 1. Undergraduate students and graduates of the journalistic faculties of the Universities and Institutes of RA may apply.

Individuals having the corresponding qualification may send their CVs to [email protected] till 28.07.2017by 18.00. It is desirable to also provide author materials links or to attach them to the letter. Please indicate in the subject line “Journalist practice”. Phone: 010 54 01 99 news website was founded in 2012 and is operated by the Armenian Lawyers’ Association.

It is an independent professional website that was created to promote the legal awareness of the society, develop a modern legal culture, assist to the development of professional skills of lawyers, serve as a platform for publishing the scientific papers in the legal field and the coverage of different events in the legal sphere that take place in Armenia and worldwide.

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