The Manhole of “Veolia Jur” Company in Davit Bek Street is open: What to do in such Situations?

One of the manholes in Davit Bek Street in Yerevan is open right now. This manhole is situated in the section of the Records and Examinations division of “Traffic Police” service of Police of the Republic of Armenia (in the neighborhood of the football stadium in Davit Bek Street).

Today,’s journalist made an alarm call to “Veolia Jur” and reported about the problem. In reply, the Company informed that they have registered the alarm and will try to solve the problem during the day. In cases like this we offer the drivers to call to the 1-85 call center of the Company and report about the problem. From the panorama presented below you will see the location where the manhole is situated. After our alarm we got a telephone call from “Veolia Jur” staff informing that the problem was solved and the manhole was closed.

Gevorg Tosunyan


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