MP Rustam Makhmudyan’s Property

35 years old Associate Professor Rustam Makhmudyan, has been elected an MP of the National Assembly of 6th convocation from the list of the Republican Party of Armenian. He started career in 2002-2003.

Makhmudyan submitted a declaration, where he mentioned the following real estate:

• a personal residential house, built on a land plot, a construction with its economical buildings,
• a land plot
• an apartment in a block of flats
• no dwelling area in a block of flats.

As movable property:

• Mercedes-Benz 240
• Opel Vectra A
• Opel Vectra C Signum 2.2 L

As of the date of resuming the office the MP possesses AMD, 26.500.00 USD and 4.500.00 Euros.

In addition he has given two shares of loan: 4.151.539.00 AMD and 300.000.00AMD respectively.

Rustam Makhmudyan recieves salary from 5 different organizations which totals to about 2.421.090.00 AMD. His income accumulates from the agricultural products as well, which totals to 4.500.000.00 AMD.

Alisa Chilingaryan

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