The RA Ministry of Defense purchased Bread-Boxes and Butter Dishes for 19.5 million AMD

The RA Ministry of Defense has purchased bread-boxes and butter dishes paying a price of 19.5 million AMD, according the contract signed on November 11. learned from the purchase document that the Ministry of Defense bought 8000 bread-boxes and 4000 butter dishes from “Hrayr Manukyan” PE paying 14.72 million AMD and 4.8 million AMD respectively. That is to say, 1 bread-box costs 1840 AMD, and 1 butter dish 1200 AMD.


We learn from the technical characteristics that polypropylene bread-box is light brown, oval shaped, with a base length of 480mm+/-5mm, width 180mm +/-5mm, depth 28-30, thickness not less than 3.5mm. And the polypropylene butter dish is light brown, oval, the base length of 160-165mm, width 100-105mm, depth 20-25mm, thickness 2,8-3,2mm.

The butter dishes and bread-boxes must be packed in a cardboard box with 30 pieces in each. On the label of box should indicate that the goods are produced for the needs of the Defense Ministry, not for sale, vendor name, product name, quantity, delivery month and year.

It is also noted that the agreement has attached annexes, which shows the diagrams: however experience shows, that not all documents are been published on the website, and these documents are not presented in this case as well.

However, even though we learn from the technical specifications that cans are rather large, but the price is quite a high as well. For example, in one of the famous supermarkets the price of such bread-box prices range from 400 AMD to 1,200 AMD. And it is curious why the cost for 1 piece of purchased bread-boxes costs 1840 AMD.


Notably, we also learn from the purchase document that originally higher prices were submitted to the ministry, for example, the cost of 1 bread-box 2000 AMD and butter dish costs 1400 AMD, but the final contract was signed at a more affordable price.

This contract is also interesting because the provider “Hrayr Manukyan” PE is registered in Nagorno-Karabakh, the address is indicated but there is no phone number. In the unnamed-11-440x293interview with Economic Expert Artak Manukyan mentioned that the data is not available in the Register of Legal Entities of NKR and there is a great obstacle when trying to understand who the real owners of the suppliers are. Meanwhile, the results of Monitoring in public procurement sphere show that a fairly large number of companies registered in the NKR participate and win procurement tenders announced by the Public of Authorities of the RA.

“I think there is no much complexity to solve this problem, the same principles as in the RA should be applied in the case of NKR companies, i.e. the system. So that we are able to understand who are behind them, or whether there are interrelations between them. It is desirable that this data will be available as well,” Mr. Manukyan said.