2 Billion AMD from the State Budget ere used to purchase Cars in 2015

Contracts for purchase of cars are perhaps the most noticeable in the sphere of public procurement. It occurs that in 2015, cars worth about 2 billion AMD (1.944.421.000) were purchased in the scope of framework agreements. We learn this from the annual report of the “Procumbent Support Center” of the Staff of the RA Government. Notably, in 2014, around 1.461.689.510 and in 2013, around 647.669.000 AMD were spent for the same purpose. During these two years the Ministry of Defense hold the leading place in procumbent of cars; the ministry spent 626.195.000 and 325.109.000AMD to purchase cars in 2014 and 2013 respectively.

The situation of purchase of cars in the scope of framework agreements during 2015 is as follows:.

At the same time the general figures in the reports submitted in the scope of framework agreements and in the annual reports did not correspond. Thus, according to the report of framework agreements, our calculations show that in 2015, 38 cars were purchased for the state needs for the amount of 383.38 million AMD. In other words the real difference between the data provided in these two reports was than 1.5 billion AMD. It remains unclear what cars and from which companies were bought with this difference of huge amount of money.

dsc06922-copyArtak Manukyan, expert on economy issue in the interview with Iravaban.net said that he had observed that issue as well. “Yes, this problem exists and it exists in a case of procurement from a single source as well. If we visit e-gov.am website and just calculate manually, we shall see that the amount and the sum do not correspond.” The expert also noted that the reason for this difference may be that the contract that had been signed could have been annulled later. However, this cannot be an excuse. It may be mentioned in the report that the purchase contract was not executed. On the other hand, the state institutions are obliged to cooperate with each other to show the clear statistics:

However, here we present which state structures and companies have bought cars in the scope of framework agreement in 2015, the amount of purchased cars and their price.

Thus, in April 2015, the police purchased 1 sedan car with 2.5 l engine from “Toyota-Yerevan” Company for the price of 15.8 mln AMD and 26 cars with 1.6 l engine with the cost of 11 mln AMD each. In total 2, 86 mln. AMD was paid. During the same month the police purchased 3 more sedan cars from “Megna” Company with the cost of 7 mln AMD. That is a total sum of 322 million 785 thousand AMD was paid for 30 cars in this month.


In July 2015, the State Service for Food Security bought an off-road vehicle from “Karcomauto” Company, and paid 14.5mln.AMD.


In September 2015, the police bought another sedan car from “Karcomauto” Company, paying 5.8 mln AMD.2015-september

In October 2015, the RA Minidtry of Economy bought 1 car from “ToyotaYerevan” Company and paid 10 mln. AMD.2015-hoktember

In September 2015, the police bought another sedan car from “Karcomauto” Company, paying 5.73 mln AMD.2015-noyember

In December 2015, the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situation bought 2 off road cars from “Karcomauto” Company. 3 cars for the price of 5.7 mln AMD each and 1 car for the price of 7.5 mln.AMD were bought paying a total of 24.6 mln. AMD.

Thus, in 2015 the state institutions bought 38 cars in the scope of framework agreements and paid a total of 383.38 mln. AMD or 800 thousand USD.

At the same time Iravaban.net has noted purchases of other cars in 2015 as well. For example the RA Ministry of Defense bought 2 off road cars from “Karcomauto” Company: “Nissan Patrol 5.6” car was bought for which 35.8 million AMD (about 75 thousand USD) was paid and “Chevrolet Captiva 3.0″ car for which 17.5 million AMD (about 37 thousand USD) was paid.

Astghik Karapetyan