Gevorg Kostanyan’s Property while assuming the Office and Termination

Former Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan submitted the declaration on property and income at the when quitting from the position. To remind, he has served in this position since 1 October, 2013.

At the time of assuming the position of Prosecutor General he declared:

  • an  apartment in a blocks of house,
  • LEXUS GS 300 car,
  • savings of  80 million AMD,
  • 5,000-pound sterling savings,
  • 91.43 million revenue, 85.22 million of which was received from the alienation (34.42 million, 48 million and 2.8 million), while the other part from the salary.

We learn from his annual declaration for 2013 that after assuming the office Kostanyan sold the 2 flats and a garage, bought another, cheaper apartment.

In that same year, his wife, Lilit Kostanyan sold a LAND CRUISER 200 4.0 as well, and in 2014, she sold TOYOTA, and LEXUS GS 300. At the time of terminating the position in 2016, Gevorg Kostanyan declared,

  • an apartment in a blocks of houses,
  • 85 million AMD saving,
  • 12.13 million AMD income derived from wages.

As reported earlier, before assuming the office of Prosecutor General, Gevorg Kostanyan had a pretty great property.