Shushan Petrosyan’s Property and Income

Famous singer, MP of the RA National Assembly from the Republican Party of Armenia, Shushan Petrosyan took her mandate in May 2012. During these years she has not presented annual declarations of income and property in an appropriate manner.

In 2012, at the time of assuming the office, the deputy declared two apartments in a block of flats, as well as PORSCHE CAYENNE 3.2 model car.

The singer did not declare cash income and property.

In 2013, the singer and her husband, Arman Harutyunyan, who is a police officer in the 6th Department of the RA Police, in the annual reports mentioned the income from salary, correspondingly 3.429.000 AMD and 2.52.000 AMD.

In 2014, the couple did not submit annual declarations on income and property.

Declarations of 2015, one might say, were not submitted as well. The published declarations are empty, there is nothing mentioned even in the income line, whereas it is known, that Shushan Petrosyan continues to hold the mandate, and it’s almost impossible, that she has not received salary this year.