Hermine Naghdalyan’s Property and Income

Vice President of the National Assembly, Hermine Naghdalyan, acquired parliamentary mandate in 2012. And assuming the position she declared quite valuable property and income.

• 2 flats in a block house,

• 5 pieces of land,

• 2 other real estate attached to land,

• 24.18 million AMD worth of shares

• US $ 10 000 and 50 million AMD savings,

• 937 million AMD income (salary, which amounted to a total of 3.87 million, the lion’s share was received from the dividends and loans taken).

In 2012,she alienated the 13 million AMD worth share. At the beginning and the end of the year the savings amounted to 10 000 USD and 50 million AMD, and the income was 375 million AMD, salary was 3.41 million AMD, 255.43 million AMD was received in dividends, while 116.24 million from the loan taken.

In 2013, the NA Vice President bought an apartment in a block house with 46.03 million AMD, and two non-residential premises in a block of flats, paying 12.24 million AMD.

During this year her savings amounted to 45 million AMD and US $ 20 000. Income was 470.74 million AMD, of which the salary is 3.64 million AMD, dividends-376 million AMD, the taken loan -91.1 million AMD.

In 2014, Hermine Naghdalyan handed 92.2 million AMD by credit and it was returned in the same year. Savings amounted to 35 million AMD and US $ 5 000. Income was 347.72 million AMD, 6.28 million of which was received from salary, 189.44 million from shares, 152 million from loan.

In 2015, her declared cash resources and incomes are significantly reduced. 5000 US dollars and 32 million AMD savings and 226.13 million AMD income, 8.66 million of which was received from salary, 38.52 million from shares and 178.93 million from the loan taken.

At the beginning of 2012, her husband, David Beglaryan, the Chief of Administrative Service of the Government Staff, had cash recourses of 15 million AMD, and at the end of the year, 6 million AMD, profit was 1.47 million AMD received from the salary.

In 2013, he acquired shares worth of 11.25 million AMD. He did not have savings at the end of the year. The profit amounted to 1.38 million received from the salary.

At the beginning of 2014, he handed over 11.5 million AMD by credit, during the year he handed 22.7 million AMD by credit, at the end of the year he had 34.2 million AMD handed by credit. But it is not understandable, where David Beglaryan received so much money when during the previous years the income was received from the salary and loans amounted to a tiny fraction of the money transferred by credit, and the savings were reducing from year to year.

During this year his declared income was solely received from the salary and amounted to 2.88 million AMD.

In 2015, David Beglaryan bought another share worth of 7.5 million AMD. During the year he handed over 9.16 million AMD by credit and at the end of the year he had a total of 43.36 million AMD, given by credit.

At the end of the year his savings grew from 0 to 10 million AMD. The profit amounted to 86.22 million AMD, 4.12 million of which was received from the salary, 42 million AMD form loans, insurance, and about 40 million AMD from shares.

Astghik Karapetyan