Property and Funds of Gevorg Kostanyan and his Spouse

In 2011, Gevorg Kostanyan was the Military Prosecutor and the Deputy Prosecutor general of the RA. At the beginning of the fiscal year his funds totaled to only 200 thousand AMD and 5 thousand USD. At the end of the year they were 25 million AMD and 5 thousand USD respectively.

In fact, Mr. Kostanyan recorded a sharp increase in the cash due to the donation received during the year in the amount of 35 million drams.

In 2012, he sold his two cars TOYOTA CRUISER PRADO and LEXUS GX 470 for 13 and 10 million AMD respectively and bought a LEXUS GX 470 for 12 million AMD, which he alienated in the next year for 3.5 million AMD.

In 2013, Gevorg Kostanyan assumed the RA Prosecutor General’s Office. We learn from his declaration that he had completed a property alienation deal in three points selling the 48, 2,8 and 34 million AMD worth property.

At the end of 2015, his funds totaled to 85 million AMD.

In 2011, Gevorg Kostanyan’s spouse Lilit Karapetyan received a donation of 100 thousand USD. During the nest year she bought a TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 200 4.0 car for 26.5 million AMD which she alienated for 68 thousand USD. At the end of 2015 Mrs. Kostanyan had 3 million AMD and 200 thousand USD.