Corruption Issues in Business Sector were in the Focus of the Governing Board of the Coalition

More than a dozen questions on key issues of public life: All this was raised at the session of the Governing Board of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of the RA.

Mr. Karen Zadoyan, Coordinator of the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition Secretariat referred to the on internal procedural and legal issues of the Coalition. The members of the Governing Board discussed and approved all the issues concerning their activities.

Further, the participants discussed and the monitoring program of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of the RA, the procedure of rotation of the election of the Chairman of the Coalition’s Governing Board. Further the session elected Mr. Karen Vardanyan, the Executive Director of the “Union of Information Technology Enterprises” to the post of the Governing Board of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition for the period of 6 months.

Then the Board, chaired by Karen Vardanyan and with participation of the interested companies discussed the corruption risks and raised issues in the process of recognizing the prevailing public interest in the state programs of agricultural subsidies, and in taxation and customs spheres.

The speakers were representatives of the business companies and the coalition experts who presented the legal problems and their solutions, and the Board members launched a discussion, and corresponding decisions will be made in the nearest future.

Karen Zadoyan and Karen Vardanyan summed up the work of the Governing Board.