We can curb Corruption in Armenia if the Political Will and the Public Demand to combat it are combined

Currently the government shows the will to fight against corruption and at the same time there is also a public demand to combat the corruption, and it is possible to achieve great success in the case of these two factors. Mr. Karen Zadoyan, the President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association said this at the presentation of the Report on Monitoring Acquisition of Free Medicine, Medical Accessories and Devices in Yerevan Polyclinics.

“After the April war the society realized the danger of corruption and the need to combat it is essential. There have been countries that were much more corrupt than Armenia, but they have great success today. We have studied the international experience and are confident that we can curb corruption in Armenia if the political will and the public demand to combat it are combined.” Karen Zadoyan noted that the recent arrests of the officials of healthcare sphere have been done in the scope the fight against corruption.

In the welcoming speech Mr. Zadoyan said that raising the corruption risks in the health sector is one of the urgent issues and the sphere has been selected as one of the target areas of anti-corruption strategy. In addition in the scope of this program the cooperation with the Government and the Local Self Government bodies has been encouraged.

The “Democracy and Electoral Processes” International Center Non-Governmental Organization prepared the report “Monitoring Acquisition of Free Medicine, Medical Accessories and Devices for the in Yerevan Polyclinics” with funds of small sub-grants provided in the framework of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project implemented by the “Armenian Young Lawyers Association” NGO and the partner “Freedom of Information Center” NGO with funding from the EU and Co-funding from the OSCE Yerevan Office.

Mr. Anania Maghakyan, the President of “Democracy and Electoral Processes” International Center Non-Governmental Organization said that this year on 1 April they had applied to Yerevan municipality and obtained authorization to conduct monitoring of acquisition of free medicine, medical accessories and devices in two policlinics in Yerevan Polyclinics.

“Inconsistencies in the flow of drugs have not been found, which is a positive fact,” Mr. Maghakyan said.

Representatives of the polyclinics, the Directors, staff members and representatives of CSOs attended today’s event.