We are going to present in September a Serious Anti-Corruption Package to the National Assembly: Davit Harutyunyan

“The Government is taking active steps to change the situation in the country.” Davit Harutyunyan, Minister-Chief of Government Staff said today at the questions and answers session between the Government and the NA at the Parliament today. He said that active discussions are currently underway.

One of those steps is the criminalization of illicit enrichment.

David Harutyunyan said that the government plans to submit a legislative package before the September session of the NA. The package would include in the draft on declarations process.

The criminalization of illicit enrichment, in line with the provisions of the Convention is no less important. “The key issue of criminalization of illicit enrichment is as follows: according to the convention it slightly violates the presumption of innocence, is it consistent with the Constitution or not? This is a matter of serious discussion. There are countries which have considered that the presumption of innocence is violated. This is because the civil servant whose property does not meet the seemingly increase of his income bears responsibility to prove the legitimacy of sources. At the firs glance the presumption of innocence is violated, but there is a judicial practice. All these studies are carried out,” Mr. Harutyunyan said and added there are proposals related to procurement legislation.

At the end he mentioned, “We are going to present in September to the National Assembly a serious Anti-Corruption Package which includes numerous legislative initiatives in that area.”