“We are Armenia’s Friend and Partner”: Europe Day in Yerevan

Today, the Europe Day Information Fair was held in Yerevan. Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador H.E. Dr. Piotr Switalski and Ambassadors of EU Member States attended the event.

There were 41 pavilions at the fair. The Armenian Lawyers’ Association had a pavilion as well.

“EU is the biggest donor in Armenia. Every year we spend about 50 million, as the EU. The scope of our activities is very broad. The EU is not merely a philanthropic initiative, we are not an ATM that gives cash. We are Armenia’s friend and partner. We help Armenia to modernize, to develop the right policies. We help the Armenian public and government to build a better future,” Ambassador H.E. Dr. Piotr Switalski said.

According to him, this year the focus of the celebration is the youth. “This is the very youth that shall ensure a brighter future for Armenia,” the Ambassador stressed.

Today the youth demonstrated its readiness to make Armenia a better country in a unique way.

The members of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association, in addition to providing information leaflets to the citizens, talked with them, held a quiz on fight against corruption, awarding prizes to the winners. They also organized a short pantomime-performance.

The theme of the performance was corruption and the fight against it. The methods of fight against corruption were, as follows: developing a flexible and effective legislative field with introduction of the institute of criminalization of illicit enrichment and creation of a universal anti-corruption body.

You are free to see how young people overcome corruption in the video below.

Gevorg Tosunyan

Aleksander Sargsyan