7 Million AMD for Hospitality

On April 13-15, more than 30 officials arrived from EEU and CIS countries to participate in the Anti-Monopoly Policy sessions. The events were organized in the scope of 15th anniversary of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of Armenia (SCPEC), which is celebrated this year. We learn this from the SCPEC website.

The Commission signed a rental contract for the hall with “Reception House” CJSC to conduct three-day events and paid 2 million 166 thousand AMD.

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The Commission concluded a contract for provision of dinner with “Valem” LLC and paid 3.5 million AMD.

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The Fourchette was provided by “BONAP” LLC for 1.3 million AMD.

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In other words, the Government spent 6 million 966 thousand AMD or about 14.5 thousand USD from the state budget for these services. It is not known how much was paid for hotel accommodations and other services for the guests.

Astghik Karapetyan