Property and Income of the Deputy Head of the State Revenue Committee Arthur Afrikyan

On 23 March, Arthur Afrikyan, the Deputy Minister of Finance was relieved from his post by the RA Prime Minister’s decision and was appointed First Deputy Head of the State Revenue Committee. It should be noted that before the appointment to the position of the Deputy Minister of Finance he was the Deputy Head of the State Revenue Committee since 2008.

We learn from his declaration on property and income that in 2011, he signed a purchase and sale contract for two real estates, but it is not indicated whether he alienated or purchased those. His funds at the beginning of that year totaled to 38 million AMD and 5000 USD. At the end of the same year they were 19 million AMD, 10 thousand USD and 2500 EUROs. His income was 7,28 million AMD received from salary.

In 2012, his funds amounted to 20 million AMD 10 thousand USD and 4 thousand EUROs. Remuneration for work was 6,58 million AMD.

In 2013, Arthur Afrikyan had shares of 450 thousand rubles. His savings at the end of the year amounted to 16,2 million AMD, 4406 USD and 5404 EUROs. Income was 6,91 million AAMD.

In 2014, his funds were 17,2 million AMD, 4000 USD and 6674 EUROS, Income totaled to 5,74 million AMD.

In 2015, the savings amounted to 17,5 million AMD, 3065 USD and 6800 EUROs. Income was 8,69 million AMD.

Interestingly there is no information about the possible income from the shares obtained in 2013, neither in the annual declaration for 2014 nor for that of 2015

In addition, in 2014, when he assumed the position of Deputy Minister of Finance he declared one apartment, in the apartment building and one garage.

Astghik Karapetyan