Property and Income of Judge Vahe Khalatyan

Vahe Khalatyan, Judge of the Court of general Jurisdiction of Armavir Marz, assumed this office on 27 February, 2009.

According to the Income and Properties Declaration, he had no funds in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and the income was received only from the remuneration for job. So, in 2011, his income was 5.6 million AMD, in 2012 it was 6.9 million AMD, and in 2013 his income totaled to 6.04 million AMD from the remuneration for job.

It is interesting that according to the annual declaration of 2014, at the beginning of the year his savings were 1 million AMD, and by the end of the year it became 2.5 million AMD. This means his assets were not mentioned at least in the annual declaration of 2013. In 2014 his income totaled to 9.08 million AMD from the remuneration for job.

During 2015 the judge obtained a land plot for 600 thousand AMD. His savings increased to 4 million AMD, and the income decreased to 8.04 million AMD.

According to the annual declaration of 2011-2015, his wife Liana Hajikyan had no savings and property at all. In 2011, her income amounted to 1.08 million AMD, in 2012 it was 1.08 million AMD, in 2013 – 1.44 million AMD, in 2014 – 1.44million AMD and in 2015 it was 1.44 million AMD.

His son Hayq Khalatyan did not declare any property and income as well. In 2013, his income totaled to 162 thousand AMD received from his pension, in 2014 it was 712 thousand AMD received from the remuneration for job and pension, in 2015 his income remained unchanged.

P.S. Earlier reflected to an exclusive criminal case in which both the defender and the prosecutor requested to apply Article 70 of the RA Criminal Code and conditionally not to apply punishment for the defendant of bad social condition, but the court, under the presidency of judge Vahe Khalatyan sentenced the defendant to four years imprisonment: the defendant’s four children are left without parental care. Currently thist judicial act has been appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Astghik Karapetyan