70 Million AMD for Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

On March 3, the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs signed a contract with “Artmedia” Medical Center for providing a hospital services.

In particular, we learn from the agreement on the purchase that the medical services were specifically relating to mental health issues: rehabilitation of mental health in hospital day care; treatment of acute mental disorders, rehabilitation of mental health in hospital.

The Ministry allocated 70.1 million AMD from the state budget for these services. The deadline for the provision of services is December 25 this year.


The Ministry has signed another contract with this medical center as well. The contract refers to services of pre- and post-orthopedic treatment of the patients with surgical intervention; as well as non-surgical orthopedic and rehabilitation treatment. 111.5 million AMND has been paid for these services.


Astghik Karapetyan