Property and Incomes of the Judge who passed the Verdict to arrest Gaspari

Nelly Baghdasaryan, the judge of Shengavit Administrative District of Yerevan was appointed in her post on 31 October, 2011. But she has not submitted a declaration on her property and incomes. Whereas, according to Article 49, Part 3 of the RA Law on “Public Service”, she should have submitted the declaration paper for 2011. In this case she only submitted the annual declaration.

Thus, according to the annual declaration, at the beginning of 2011, she had 9 million AMD, 20 thousand USD and 10 thousand EUR. By the end of the year her savings remained unchanged. Her income totaled to 7.13 million AMD, 5.3 million of which were loans, while the other part was remuneration for job.

In 2012, her assets were unchanged. Her income totaled to 9.37 million AMD, 4.37 million of which was remuneration for job, and 5 million was the taken loan.

In 2013, the Judge’s savings and incomes decreased. Her assets totaled to 8.5 million AMD, 17 thousand USD and 9 thousand EUR. And her income amounted to 5.88 million AMD, 4.68 million of which was the remuneration for job and 1.2 million – the taken loan.

In 2014, her assets continued to decrease to 7.8 million AMD, 16 thousand USD and 8.6 EUR. And her income totaled to 6.24 million AMD. During this year, she also made transactions of 3.44 million AMD loans.


At the beginning of 2011, her husband Aristakes Barseghyan had 16 million AMD, 24 thousand USD and 13 thousand EUR. By the end of the year his assets were unchanged. During this year his incomes amounted to 17.05 million AMD, 3.86 million of which was remuneration for job and 13.19 million of which were the received loans.

In 2012, his assets were the same but according to the declaration in 2011, by the end of the year he had 13 thousand EUR, while in the next year’s declaration the 13 thousand became 12 thousand. How and why 1000 EUR disappeared is unclear. This year his incomes totaled to 16.33 million AMD, 12 million of which was the taken loans, and 4.33 million was remuneration for job.

Astghik Karapetyan