Minister Beglaryan and Persons affiliated with him. Who is the Richest?

The RA Ministry of Transport and Communication Gagik Beglaryan’s son-in-law Rafik Xandanyan is a judge at the Administrative Court. In addition, he is the son of the former judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marsh districts of Yerevan City, member of the RA Council of Justice Gagik Xandanyan, who by the Presidential Decree of 8 January was appointed to the position of Judge of the RA Court of Appeals.

Gagik Xandanyan has all chances to be considered as one of the richest judges of that court.

Rafik Khandanyan(1)

He assumed the position in 2013. Assuming the position he declared 31million AMD, 70 thousand USD and 21 thousand EUROs. At the end of 2014 his funds totaled to 36,4 million AMD, 70 thousand USD and 22 thousand EUROs, during a tax year the salary of high official was 5,4 million AMD. Thus this judge has 83 million AMD.

His wife Natella Beglaryan, the daughter of RA Ministry of Transport and Communication, has not declared anything.

Gagik Xandanyan, the judge’s father declared 18,5 million AMD and 34 thousand USD at the end of 2011, but he also received a donation of 3,8 million AMD, additional 1,2 million AMD in 2013.

According to the website of the Armenian National Agrarian University, Hripsime Gyamjyan the wife of the judge, is the head of Department of Educational Process and Quality Management, and is not less wealthy. In 2011 she declared 25,2 AMD and 24 thousand USD, she also received a donation of 2,4 million drams, at the end of 2014 Miss Gyamjyan’s funds totaled to 25.9 million AMD and 25 thousand USD.


Their daughter, Ashkhen Xandanyan, also received a donation of 1,3 million AMD in 2011, and 1 Million AMD during the next year.

Minister Gagik Beglaryan assuming the position in 2012 submitted a declaration statement registered two apartments, shares in four points which totaled to 82,9 million AMD, as well as about 283 million AMD and 95 thousand USD .

His funds increased from year to year, Mr. Beglaryan acquired and sold shares, and at the end of 2014 he had a 540, 4 million AMD and 92 thousand USD. Actually, his funds increased by 270 million AMD due to alienation of property.

The Minister’s wife has 3 million USD and 30 million AMD. We learn from the declaration that she also had shares, gave borrowings. In 2014, she purchased a house for 500 million AMD and a land plot for 27, 8 million AMD.


Thus, it turns out that the richest among these three high-ranking officials is the Minister’s wife Nune Nikolyan, whose revenues according to the declaration are generated from the shares. For example in 2014, Mrs. Nikolyan received an income of 20 million AMD. Currently she has 1.5 billion AMD.