Gang Case: “Jung” shall not be brought to the Court

The trail on armed gang case was continued in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash administrative districts. During the trail the prosecutor expressed his attitude about motions filed by the defense party.

He objected to all motions except the motion to conduct inspection on Kajaznuni Street, which he left to the discretion of the court. Specifically, he was against the interrogation of “Jung” in the court room. The prosecutor wondered about the procedural status of Jung in the court room and said that in any case it would be considered as violation.

Notably, culprit Karen Vardanyan had testified that he had conducted the banditry attack on the currency exchange office in “Yerrord mas” with “Jung”. Then the employee of the exchange office Hakob Mkrtchyan was killed. The defense reputedly requested that Jung’s identity should be ascertained and he should be questioned in court.

The prosecutor also objected against appointing another forensic examination of the killed Hakob Mkrtchyan’s body, as well as to the motion to question the expert in the court.

After hearing the positions of both parties, the Court went to the judge’s chambers and after about 30 minutes announced the decision about the motions. Thus, the court, presided by Judge Arshak Vardanyan, rejected two motions of defense, on interrogation of Vahan Galstyan, the so-called “Jung” and on the inspection of the place where it happened in the presence of injured Babken Hovhannisyan.

The court partly granted the motion of defense Tamara Baghdasaryan and appointed forensic medical examination. The expert committee should answer some question concerning the gunshot injury and the cause of death. We want to mention that T. Baghdasaryan said during the trail that Hakob Mkrtchyan had not got vital wound and he stayed alive for 8 days after the incident. And it is not excluded that his life could have been saved in case of proper medical care. According to his medical record he had sepsis (blood poisoning).

In fact the victim’s brother told that Hakob was wounded in the thigh and the thigh artery is a vital organ. “My brother lost 4lt blood. But without the help of doctors he could not have lived for 8 days. The culprit is sitting just next to you. Do not try to find the fault of the doctors who did everything to save my brother.” He also added that those were the best doctors of the republic who examined his brother, invited council of physicians, and did all possible to save his brother.

The court partially met defender Armen Feroyan’s motion. Forensic expert A.Khachatryan will be invited to the court for questioning. The motion on questioning the other two experts was denied.

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