The Injured Party complained that she was not able to give 1500 USD Bribe and had to apply to the Prosecutor’s Office

Armine Karapetyan, the assistant of Vladimir Grigoryan, the judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen administrative districts, who is charged for demanding 1500 USD bribe, is a punctual, modest and honest employee who performed her duties with devotion. Today, during the next sitting on this case on bribery in the same court, Armine Karapetyan’s advocate promulgated such a characteristics.

The prosecutor was interested who had given such reference: “It is signed by the acting chairman of the court during the temporary leave of the Chairman of the court,” said the advocate without giving any name. “Will you tell us his name and surname?” the prosecutor added. “Yes, I will. Artyush Gabrielyan” the advocate said.

Notably, this trial was presided by the same judge.

During today’s court hearing the defense attorney of the accused person called into question the job of the investigator who carried out the preliminary investigation of the case. He mentioned that the investigator had interpreted and observed only the telephone calls as an evidence, which are in prejudice of Armine Karapetyan. “The investigator has carried out unilateral examination: in fact he has reproduced some telephone conversations, but besides it there are also records justifying the accused person in the same disk, which the investigator hadn’t analyzed, the job carried out by the investigator had an accusatory direction” the advocate mentioned and filed a motion to examine the records justifying the accused person as well.

The prosecutor opposed the motion, the representative of the injured also agreed with him, but the court met the motion.

In one of the telephone conversations examined today in the court, the injured Alina Hovhannisyan in conversation with one of the witnesses told that she had been asked money, she was not able to give money so she had to go and give testimony.

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