The Ministry of Defense bought Souvenirs for 58 Thousand USD

On 10 February, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract with “ISS Logistics” company for the purchase of souvenirs. 300 bottles 7-year-old cognac in 0.7 liter bottles, with total cost 3 million AMD, 30 bottles 10-year-old cognac in 0.7 liter bottles with total cost 540 thousand AMD, and , 90 bottles 20-year-old cognac in 0.7 liter bottles, total cost 4.05 million AMD were bought in the scope of the contract.

300 pieces of souvenirs with non-precious stones with total cost of 6 million AMD; 587 pieces of wooden souvenirs with total cost of 5.87 million AMD, and 30 silver cups with total cost of 9 million AMD (each cup costs 300 thousand AMD) were bought as well.

The total cost of the contract is 28 million 460 thousand AMD or about 58 thousand USD.

The deadline of the purchase and sale contract is 20 December, 2016. The purchase was realized from the funds of the state budget. The purchase document indicates that the financial means for the purchased goods are included in Decision 1555-N of 24.12.2015 of the RA Government.