Ombudsman should have served in the Army. Candidate to the position of Human Rights Defender

Narek Aloyan, one of the three candidates Ombudsman’s position, considers that the new Ombudsman should have passed the military service and be aware about the soldiers’ problems. Details in the interview.

What steps will you undertake first if you become the Human Rights Defender?

“I shall start from realization of the systemic changes, which absence today hinders the effective protection of human rights.

What kind of changes do you mean?

I mean the systematic changes, and also protection of number of simple and natural rights, for example the right to dignified life of the citizens, which in fact is operating foramally today.

“How do you assess activities of the former three ombudsmen? Pleas focus on Karen Andreasyan’s activity.

“I think that they had positive as well as negative aspects. Nevertheless, I do not want to speak about the negative. I can speak about the positive aspects. Specifically, a number of essentially effective measures have been undertaken. At the same time I feel disappointed to see the numerous petitions of Human Rights Defender referred to the National Assembly, which remained unanswered. Thus, Karen Andreasyan had raised numerous issues and repeatedly applied to the NA. I think that in case if I am appointed the Ombudsman, I shall in initiate a number of legislative changes, in order to expand the authorities of Human Rights Defender, so that he shall not have to apply to Legislative Body.”

“The three former defenders were under the pressure of authorities. Are you afraid of pressure”?

“Absolutely, I think if HRD is independent from the political forces and business clans and has corresponding authorities, it will be impossible to apply pressure against him.

“Do other candidates meet the standards for the Ombudsman?

In general, I would like to make one remark. It is desirable to have persons that have passed military service in the Ombudsman’s staff. According to my information the HRD Deputy on Military Issues had not served in the Armed Forces of the RA. I think that the Human Rights Defender must have passed military service as well.

As I see, In case you are appointed the Human Rights Defender, you will refer to the problems of the military as well.

“Definitely, I will pay great attention to these crucial issues. In addition to registering the cases of human rights violations in this sphere, it is really important to apply effective measures to prevent such violations.

Will you congratulate the new Ombudsman in case if your candidacy is not approved, and one of the other two candidates is selected?

– I can answer the question after the meeting of the committee.


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