Property and Income of the Resigned Judge

Samvel Uzunyan was appointed to the position of the Chairman of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan and Nork-Marash Administrative District of Yerevan City on 1 June 2004. Today, the judge has submitted a resignation letter.

At the beginning of 2011, Samvel Uzunyan had 2 million AMD, which at the end of the year increased and totaled to 2.5 million AMD. The judge’s remuneration for job during that year was 7.67 million AMD.

In 2012, his funds decreased from 2.5 million AMD and totaled to 1.8 million AMD, however his income as compared with the previous year was 8.01 million AMD.

In 2013, his funds totaled to 2 million AMD, and his income was 8.83 million AMD. In 2014, the funds increased by 1 million AMD and amounted to 3 million AMD. The judge’s income was 9.99 million AMD.

His spouse Alla Harutyunyan did not declare any property or funds in 2011. Her income from remuneration was only 84 thousand AMD. Absolutely the same situation was in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Her declarations were empty.

In 2011, Samvel Uzunyan’s son Yuri Uzunyan’s income was 2.47 million AMD. In 2012 he had 2.64 million, in 2013 – 2.64 million and in 2014 – 3.12 million AMD respectively. Yuri Uzunyan did not declare any property and or funds.

Declarations of Samvel Uzunyan’s sons Karen and Azat are empty .