CEC has returned the Remaining Amount to the State Budget

Last year in November, Iravaban.net referred to the issues the funds allocated to the Central Electoral Committee for the purchase of disappearing ink and its procurement. It was revealed that the CEC had indicated a larger sum for the purchase of the ink than it was paid to Baleno Sustainable Global Development Company.

Specifically, the purchase document published in gnumner.am website, informs that on 12 October 2015, the Central Electoral Commission paid around 21 million 373 thousand AMD (around 45090 USD) for the disappearing ink and the stamp pads. However, according to the contract signed between the CEC and Baleno Sustainable Global Development Company, the cost including the travel costs amounted to 36240 USD.

After the repeated request of Iravaba.net Levon Gevorgyan, the Head odf Staff of CEC, replied that the amount of 24735.760.2 AMD had been actually spent from the sum allocated by the Government. “The balance is 2.554.099.8 AMD, which, according to the law, will be returned to the state budget at the end of fiscal year 2015.”

We also were interested whether the remaining amount was eventually returned to the state budget.

In reply to our request we received the following answer, “This is to inform that according to the Government’s 663-N decision of 18 June 2015 on “Making Amendments in the 18 December 2014 N 1515 of the RA Government on allocation of funds to the RA CEC,” the sum of 27289860 AMD was provided to the CEC on 06.07.2015. The remaining sum of 2554099.8 AMD of this sum was refunded to the RA State Budget on 30.12.2015, according to Paragraph 68 of Decision N 48 of 18 January 2002 on “Establishing Procedures for the Implementation of Republic of Armenia State and Municipal Budgets”. ”