It appears that the Children of our Officials are Fantastically Talented in Business Management: Avetik Ishkhanyan

“The entire system power and management in Armenia is based on corruption,” human rights activists Avetik Ishkhanyan said in the interview with in reply to the questions about the results in anti-corruption fight achieved by the Anti-Corruption Council, which was established last year on the decision of the Government.

“I do not treat such anti-corruption structures seriously. The state official should not have any businesses, this in essence is a corrupt process itself. Whereas the representatives of our power authorities are businessmen that have large businesses and saying that they would fight against corruption is nonsense. … It appears that the children of our officials, aunts, uncles or their children are fantastically talented in business, but these businesses are not related with them, they are separate. It also turns out that the sons of the officials have such management abilities and skills that they become city mayors and deputies…”, – Avetik Ishkhanyan said.

He also noted that the most important thing is the wish and willingness to fight against corruption. If it does not exist, then everything else is done with the purpose to “show something” to the international institutions and “to receive monetary tranches.”