Property and Income of the Deputy Chief of Police

Anubal Hambaryan was appointed to the position of Deputy Chief of the RA Police on 17 October 2013. At the moment of assuming the office he declared 2 2 individual houses built on the land and their back offices, 1 land plot, VAZ 2106-model passenger car and 7.9 million AMD. His income was 5.8 million AMD, which was generated from remuneration for work.

By the end of 2014, his funds reduced to 5.7 million AMD. The income was around 4.5 million AMD as remuneration for labor.

His spouse, Marine Mkrtchyan had 4.3 million AMD at the beginning of 2013. By the end of the year her funds totaled to 3.9 million AMD. Her income was 3.95 million AMD received from shares. In 2014 her funds continued to decrease and totaled tp 1.7 million AMD, whereas the income from share grew up to 4.68 million AMD.

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His son, Hovhannes Hambaryan, did not make any transactions in 2013 and did not have funds. His income of 580 thousand AMD was generated from remuneration for work. In 2014 he did not have any savings or property either. His income grew up to 1.95 million AMD was generated from remuneration for work.