The Military Prosecutor’s Assets and Income

The RA Deputy Prosecutor General, Military Prosecutor Artavazd Harutyunyan assumed the office on 6 November 2013. When assuming the office he declared a land plot and a BMW X5 vehicle. His funds amounted to 16 million 20 thousand AMD and 300 euros. Income received only from remuneration for labor totaled to 9.3 million AMD.

His property and income declaration for 2013 states that A. Harutyunyan bought the BMW X5 vehicle during that year and paid 38 thousand USD. By the end of the year his funds amounted to 17 million 20 thousand AMD and 300 euros. Whereas the income was of 17.3 million AMD, of which 11.4 million was the loan, and the other part remuneration for work.

In 2014 his funds totaled to 17.5 million AMD, 20 thousand YSD and 500 euros. The income was 8.6 million AMD received as remuneration for work.

His daughter Tatevik Harutyunyan did not declare funds, and property in 2013. Her remuneration for work was 261 thousand AMD. Similarly, in 2014 she did not have any savings or property and her remuneration for work was 1.2 million AMD.

In 2013, the Military Prosecutor’s spouse Susanna Mehrabyan, declared more funds. At the beginning of the year she had 19.5 million AMD 55 thousand USD and 5 thousand euros. By the end of the year her revenues were increased by only 500 thousand AMD. This year her revenue totaled to 1.4 million AMD, which was remuneration for work.

In 2014, her funds decreased and totaled to 19 million AMD, 55 thousand USD and 4000 euros. The amount and source of income has not changed. The amount and source of the income was not changed.