“CivilNet” received the Anti-Corruption Award “Mass Media of the Year”

“CivilNet” was recognized the “Mass Media of the Year” 2015 for the TV Series “From Your Pocket” where the corruption problems in the field of public procurement were revealed.

Government expenditure is out of the public pocket. In 2012 “CivilNet” launched the TV Series “From Your Pocket” which supervises and suggests about inefficient expenditure and occurrence of corruption.

Abuses are committed at the expense of the money provided out of your pocket. The government applies to corruption. Karen Harutyunyan also adds that inefficient expenditure prevails.

This is a team work, assures the chief editor of “CivilNet”. No matter who runs the TV Series, it works in the same spirit.

Currently, the program is conducted by the director of “CivilNet”, Hakob Manukyan. He mentions that they try to make each episode more figurative applying animations apart from the text.

Increasingly, people are becoming more demanding,-our interlocutors state, and the TV Series “From Your Pocket” contributes to raising people’s awareness.

To mention, the award was handed in the framework of Annual Anti-Corruption Award Ceremony dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day. It was organized by the Armenian Young Lawyers Association NGO in cooperation with CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition in the framework of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project NGO funded by European Union and co-funded by the OSCE Office in Yerevan, and implemented by the Armenian Young Lawyers Association and the partner organization “Freedom of Information Center” NGO.

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