The Ministries Continue to Deplete “Business” Class Tickets

On November 27, the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia has bought two tickets to Yerevan-Paris-Yerevan, one “Economy” and the other a “Business” class. The ticket of “Economy” class was bought from “Trinidat” Company for 333 thousand AMD and the other was bought from “SS Travel” Company for 980 thousand AMD. So, “Business” class ticket was twice as expensive as the other. The payment was made from the State budget. The deadline of contract is till the end of the year, on December 25.

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On October 15, The Ministry of Finance has purchased tickets to Yerevan- Paris-Lima-Moscow-Yerevan from “Elite” Company. 11 million 74 thousand AMD was paid for three “Economy” class tickets and 6 million 142 thousand AMD for a “Business” class ticket. In this case, it was paid twice as much for the “Business” class ticket, as well. The contract deadline is again the end of the year, on December 25.

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It is not still clear what is the legal basis for these procurements, who should leave for business trip and why. However, taking into account the experience, “Business” class tickets are bought especially for ministers. Still, there are no legal regulations for such business trip payments. Thus, because of the lack of such regulations, it is arbitrarily determined who can use these services and what kind of services can be used.