Corruption Risks are in Every Circle of Medicine Circulation. Expert

The regular anti-corruption event of “Corruption risks in different circles of intra-hospital medicine circulation” was held in Gavar, with the participation of CSO and mass media lawyers and human rights defenders.

The regional expert of the project Nelly Hayrapetyan referred to the issues existing in Gegharkunik region emphasized the importance of public control in the medical institutions of the region in her welcoming speech.

Satik Badeyan, President of “Regional Development and Research” NGO and a member of CSO anti-corruption Coalition group of Gegharkunik Marz, had a report, noting the monitoring in different circles of intra-hospital medicine circulation, as a display of public control, had its effect in the current procedures transparency, as well as in raising awareness of population. Therefore its effect can be considerable not only in a short period of time, in terms of neutralization of corruption risks in particular institutions and the raise of the service quality, but also it will give an opportunity to have deeper and extensive effect on the development of the sphere as a result of detection of systemic changes and in the formation of suggestions for changes in a long-term strategic sector.

Ms Badeyan attaches much importance to effective and coordinated medicine policy in the health care field in the struggle against corruption. While corruption risks exist in all circles of medicine circulation. They brought to the following displays of inefficient use of state resources and abuse, non-targeted purchase of medicine, also in unnecessary write-offs of patients, not providing the medicine prescribed by the doctor or providing more or less.

As a result of general discussion the anti-corruption coalition group member CSOs of Gegharkunuk region introduced the following suggestions in different circles of intra-hospital medicine circulation: to review the procedure of receipt, storage, registration and distribution of medicine and other medical products, to provide full control over the movement of medical institution, to clarify the provisions providing the legitimacy of delivering the medication to the patient. It is necessary to strengthen the control over the spending priorities of the founder and do not allow non-target use of state means. For providing accurate information about the variety and amount of the medication of patients to review financial sanctions of not providing the medication fully, defined by medical care agency.

Make a change in the current order of providing the purchase of a large number of more effective medicines of new generation. And to include also their quality aspect and generic factor in the list of medicine, by noting the names of concrete firms.