Community Integrity Building Tool as an Efficient Means to Fight Corruption

On 3 December 2015, Joy Saunders, the Chief Executive Officer of “Integrity Action” International Organization, Great Britain, visited the Armenian Young Lawyers Association. She conducted a training on “Community Integrity Building” for the AYLA employees and trainers.

Joy Saunders spoke of the practical guide to Community Integrity Building “Live and work with Integrity” published by Integrity Action.

Ms Saunders shared her own experience and said that Integrity Action has implemented a number of community integrity building projects in various countries, thus helping the community members to efficiently combat corruption. For instance, she recalled that when the local government in a village in Afghanistan was building only one of the 3 schools that should be built, they meddled in and as a result all three schools were built.

Joy Saunders believes that the best way to eliminate or reduce corruption is fighting it from the bottom up.

The listeners asked Ms Saunders questions and spoke of the work carried out by the organization, particularly emphasizing the monitoring implemented by the AYLA in Armenian notary offices that resulted in positive legislative reforms in the Armenian Notarial system.