Corruption in Enterprises and the Role of Society in the Fight against this Evil: Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders

The regular seminar of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders began with the discussion on the theme of “The Concept of Entrepreneurship, Types, the Notion of Legal Entities, Types, Main differences, Corruption Risks in Entrepreneurial Activities.”

AYLA Advocate Mariam Zadoyan spoke about the corruption crimes such as interfering/hindering with legitimate business and other economic activities; money laundering; illegal anti-competitive activities; commercial bribery, evasion from paying the taxes, duties and other compulsory payments, abuse of authorities by the employees of commercial or other organizations; and illegal participation in entrepreneurial activities. He spoke in detail of these crimes and punishment.

Then Mr. Karen Zadoyan, the Founding Member of the US Alumni Association of Armenia, AYLA President, Coordinator of the CSO’s Anti-Corruption Coalition Secretariat, spoke about the role of the society in fight against corruption.

Mr. Zadoyan believes that it is expressed in three forms: awareness, intolerance and participation.

The AYLA President focused on participation forms, “Participation mechanisms are the means, forms and methods, through which the civil society is involved in the processes of the development of anti-corruption policies, decision making, allocation and reallocation of resources, public goods and services in public administration bodies, as well as in supervision and evaluation of the implementation process.”

According to Mr. Zadoyan, benefits of participation are different. Active participation also provides access to information, transparency and accountability; accessible and free of corruption quality public services; optimal use of resources; participation of civil society in decision-making processes; participation of civil society in public administration and public expenditure allocation process controls.

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