Tour in the Police System, Interesting Questions and Language Proficiency Test: Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders

Today, the students of Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders visited the Police System. First they met with the representatives of the system in the Central Apparatus of the RA Police.

Head of the Division of Reforms and Coordination of Managerial Decisions of the Organizational and Analytical Department of the RA Police Headquarters, Police Lieutenant Colonel Liana Amirkhanyan introduced the reforms that took place in the Police system. She said that in recent years the Police have chosen the path of in-depth reforms having the aim to change the professional preparedness quality of the services and the servicemen. “We have accomplished two programs, and currently we are implementing the 2015-2017 Reforms Programs,” Ms Amirkhanyan said and added that the community police model has already been introduced on the whole territory of the republic. “The behavior, as well as the communication mode with the citizens shall be changed. We have 11 bases and we plan to increase their number up to 40 by the end of the coming year,” she said.

The participants asked questions about the corruption risks in the system, the video devices and the traffic safety.

During the last 9 months the General (6th) Department on Combating Organized Crime of the RA Police revealed 26 cases of bribery. Grigor Nersisyan, Deputy Head of Anti-Corruption Department told this during the meeting with the students. According to him very often the process of revealing corruption is difficult as a result of the actions of citizens. “The citizens do not always report the corruption, given the psychological factors etc. So the legal image is often distorted and we are not always able to fight effectively.”

Arman Chilingaryan, Head of the Legal department of Traffic Police spoke about the road accidents. He introduced the statistics for 2014. He said that they had registered 3156 road accidents which caused losses and victims. “As a result we had 296 deaths and 4479 injured people. This year compared with the last year, the number of accidents and injured increased. However the number of the accidents with death has decreased significantly. This year we have 19 victims less than in the previous year,” Mr. Chilingaryan noted.

The next visit was to the Passport and Visa Department of the RA Police. The Chief of Passport and Visa Department, Lieutenant Colonel Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan presented the activities of the department and the reforms’ process.

“Fight against corruption is carried out in this direction as well. It is aimed at elimination of the legal uncertainty, and to decrease the problems till the minimum. A person can get public services number within one working day. We have tried to facilitate other procedures as much as possible too. Video devices are installed in Passport departments of Yerevan city. Citizens can directly follow the work. This is one of the most important programs of fight against corruption,” Mr. Bichakhchyan said.

However this was not the last visit. The students visited the 4th Battalion of the “Angels” next. Accompanied by Mr. Gegham Khachatryan the students were introduced the battalion’s activities, and watched the exercises.

Gegham Khachatryan said that in addition to physical training, the battalion’s officers also know different languages and observe rules of ethics. During the visit the students of the Anti-Corruption school tested their own proficiency in German and French languages with the representatives of Police.

Notably, the visit was organized with the support of the Head of the Department of Public Relations and Information of the RA Police, Police Colonel Ashot Aharonyan.

The Armenian Young Lawyers Association” NGO organize the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders in the framework of the U.S. Alumni Outreach Grants Program with financial support of the US Embassy in Armenia. independent information website is the information partner of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders.

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