We need to raise Awareness among the Citizens

On 17 November 2015, the “Armenian Young Lawyers Association” NGO organized an Anti-Corruption event “Corruption Risks in the Area of Obstetrics Care” for the CSOs of Syunik marz of the RA, in the framework of the EU funded “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion Project.” The event took place in the AYLA Syunik Branch Office.

Miss Ani Asatryan, the Regional Coordinator/Expert of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion Project” welcomed the participants and introduced the report on “Corruption Risks in the Area of Obstetrics Care.”

Then, Ms Kristina Saghatelyan, President of “Kapan Resource Center” NGO, member of the CSOs group of Syunik marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition held a report on the “Mechanisms for elimination of the Corruption Risks that exist in the Area of Obstetrics Care.”

Ms Nune Gevorgyan, Head of the Healthcare Department of Syunik regional administration in her speech noted that she is inspired by the fact of the existence of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition, and would like to cooperate closely with this structure, which will make the fight against corruption more effective.

She said that on the initiative of the Governor of the marz it is foreseen to create a Council on Healthcare, which will include representatives from different organizations and state bodies. She also hoped to see the representatives of the CSOs group of Syunik marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition in the structure of this Council. She believes that the Council will serve as a platform to identify, highlight and bring to the relevant bodies the existing issues, because the CSOs arte more closely related with the public, and thus are better aware about their problems and complaints. She stressed that the task of the Council will be resolving the problems that exist in the area of obstetrics care that are identified at this meeting.

Ms Susanna Mirzoyan, President of “Syunik Schoolchildren” NGO in her speech said that it is crucial to start from raising awareness among the citizens, who in most cases are not informed about the provided services, and do not know which services are paid and which are free of charge.

All suggestions and recommendations of the CSOs and mass media made during the public discussion will be summarized and submitted to the AYLA, which in its turn will submit those to the RA Ministry of Justice.