Corruption Risks in Condominiums: Discussion with the Coalition of CSOs in Lori marz

On 12 November 2015, the CSOs group of Lori marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition, met in the round table discussion on “Corruption Risks and Ensuring Integrity in the Sphere of Condominium Activities organized in Lori Branch Office of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association” NGO.

During the discussion the Regional Coordinator/Expert of “Multi-faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion Project” Arthur Sukiasyan; President of “Union of Lorinians” Benevolent NGO, member of CSOs group of Lori marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition; resident of Vanadzor City Andranik Sergoyan; and the President of “Center of Condominiums of Lori Marz NGOs” presented reports on the current situation and problems that exists in the condominiums of the marz, as well as the legislative gaps. After the reports the participants started hot debates.

Representatives of Vanadzor City administration and the condominiums tried to contradict to the raised issues and existing deficiencies, rather than trying to discuss the various options for their solution. They were explaining the problems with the lack of funds and negligence of the residents with their duties. Sometimes they provided different interpretation of the provisions of law.

For example the representative of Condominiums and Housing department of Vanadzor Municipality insisted that the RA Law on Freedom of Information does not apply on the heads of Condominiums and the latter are not obliged and do not have a responsibility to answer to the written inquires.

Representatives of condominiums argued that the most effective method to make the residents who fail to pay the fees for flats and to make them disciplined was refusal to provide them information (in this case references). At the same time they ignored the fact that the measure was illegal and violates the citizens’ right to information.

At the end of the meeting the representatives of CSOs group of Lori marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition issued a clear stance that they will not tolerate the shortcomings in the sphere and the corrupt practice and will apply all measures provided by law to reduce the corruption risks that exist in the sphere.