Success Stories of the Anti-Corruption Centers

At the regular meeting with the students of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders, Mariam Zadoyan, member of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association spoke about the mechanisms for verifying the reliability and financial control of the senior official’s declarations.

After that the participants split into three groups, each consisting of 5 members and participated in a game. Each group acted as a Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials having the authority to conduct investigation.

All groups conducted the same investigation simultaneously and compared the results with the other groups.

The next theme referred to the success stories of the Anti- Corruption Centers. Mr. Karen Zadoyan, the Founding Member of the US Alumni Association of Armenia, AYLA President, Coordinator of the CSO’s Anti-Corruption Coalition Secretariat, referred to these success stories.

At the beginning, he spoke about the case of dismissing 12 lecturers of the French University Foundation in Armenia. The advocate of Yerevan Anti-Corruption Center operated by the AYLA restored their rights through the court. “Injustice was really big here. We won this case. This was a notable confidence of the educational system towards our work. After that the flow of teachers and lecturers to our office grew. We can further introduce this row, simply it is necessary to be devoted to the idea and to go forward,” Mr. Zadoyan said.

The next success story was about the disabled people: the case of 54-year-old Hrachya Avetisyan and his wife, both having a permanent category of disability. Speaking about this problem Karen Zadoyan said that there are many people, who want to struggle, but they have no money, thus the existence of such anti-corruption centers in the country is extremely important.

This success stories do not end with this. The next was the story of the fight of two residents of Ararat region. In 2013 they wanted to conclude a contract for purchase and sale of real estate, but they were asked to give bribe.

The students also watched a film about dislocation of the traffic road signs as a way for preventing corruption.

In addition, Mr. Zadoyan spoke about the actions initiated and organized by the anti-corruption centers and especially referred to the annual Anti-Corruption Awards Ceremony.

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