The Future Young Leaders studied the Rules of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Agencies

A person shall not accept gifts or agree to accept in future that will be associated with the exercise of its powers, except for formal occasions when usually gifts, awards, reception, books for official use, computer software programs, or other similar materials are given,  as well as scholarships, grants or allowances that are provided as a result of public competition.

Syuzanna Soghomonyan, Member of the AYLA Board delivered a lecture on such rules of ethics to the students of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders. She also referred to the conflict of interests. “Conflict of interest is a situation when a person is exercising his powers shall take action or a decision, which can be interpreted as an action made by the guidance of the private interest of the official or an affiliated person,” said the lawyer.

She also said the journal “The Economist” had carried out a special study on business ethics, where it wrote, “The days when it was enough for the company to operate as usual and earn profits without breaking laws have passed. Today, companies have to fend for less profit and more about ethics.”

After the report the participants did practical work.

The next lecturer, AYLA Board Member Marat Atovmyan spoke about the international practice of the anti-corruption bodies and about the opportunities of establishing such body in Armenia.

Mr. Atovmyan thinks that the standards for the anti-corruption body are: independence and autonomy, professional staff, with clearly defined functions, material and technical resources.

He introduced the activities of anti-corruption bodies that have recorded considerable achievements in the international arena and spoke about our reality as well.

After this lecture the students did practical work as well.

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