Deputy Minister of Defense David Tonoyan told me that the preliminary version is a suicide, to calm me: Killed Cadet Haykaz Barseghyan’s Father

The trial presided by Judge Davit Harutyunyan on the murder of Haigaz Barseghyan, the cadet of the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan started at the Avan residence of Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction.

Arkady Barseghyan, the father of the killed cadet, in response to the notice of the defendant Gnel Tevosyan that the accusation was illegal and that investigative body decided within a few hours that it was not a suicide but a murder, said, “Former Deputy Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan told me that the preliminary version is a suicide, to calm me, but noted that the forensic surgeons are working. No one said that it is a suicide.”

“Everything will be clear soon, and I will come with you to the tomb of your son. I am a devout person,” Gnel Tevosyan said.

The defendant mentions that the witnesses were persuaded and frightened and forced to testify against him.

“Thus you want to say that more than 30 witnesses have given false testimony. You have come with a scenario, and you are blaming all 30 witnesses. No one has harassed you. There was no such conversation. The rest of the defendants said that they are good guys, but they do not say anything good about you and Movses Azaryan. Now you say that when they are in another place they say that you are a bad man, here they say, you are good. Those people sitting here say that they are afraid of you,” Arkady Barseghyan said.

The defendant insisted that he did not enter the room of the killed cadet on that day.

“I did not have a reason for conflict with Haykaz Barseghyan. I have entered his room during my duty. I was not at Barseghyan’s room at the night of the murder. My room is 15-20 meters away from his room,” the defendant said.

Yevgenia Hambardzumyan


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