The Preliminary Testimonies of the convicted on the Case of the Brutal Murder of the Young Girl have been publicized

Investigation of the case of the convicted Davit Tamrazyan on his ex-girlfriend Mariam Hunanyan’s brutal murder continued today in the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davtashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan.

The prosecution and the presiding judge Tatevik Grigoryan had questions.

The judge reminded the previous testimony, where the convicted was insisting that he had been subjected to violence when he got detained. He also mentioned that the conclusion of the examination of the forensic doctor had been published, according to which only one bodily injury had been observed on Davit. When answering the question of the judge whether it was possible to have no injuries after being objected to so much violence, attacks and beatings, the convicted replied that he had been hit so many times in that exact place that only that scar remained and he had no idea why no other scar was left in the head where he was also hit.

Further, the judge noted that a computer had been confiscated from the apartment of the convicted and when asked who the user of the computer was, the convicted told him that besides his family members, his friend and other people used it as well. At this point the judge citing from the materials of the case added that it had turned out that one of the users of the computer had logged in a the social website with the password of “Satanist” and asked if it was Davit’s password. Davit replied that he had never used such password.

Let us note that the convicted had referred to this in the court, particularly mentioning that he had been subjected to violence when he was giving a testimony in the cabinet of the chief officer and that he also had to give a false testimony in the presence of the defender in order to justify himself that he is not a Satanist. Nevertheless, everyone was calling him that way.

And before the murder, Milena Mirijanyan, who had been in intimate relationship with Davit had given a testimony in the court according to which Davit was a member of a group, who were against the Christianity and worshipped the Satan.

Today, the defense made a motion to promulgate two preliminary testimonies of the convicted, however the court decided to promulgate all testimonies. Davit had told to the preliminary investigation body that he had previously planned the murder and in accordance with the preliminary testimony the incident had taken place in Miriam’s apartment.

“We lay down on the bed and began kissing. I had planned to kill her and in order to make it all easier I told her I had a surprise for her and asked to close her eyes. At this instant I took the knife out off my pocket, closed her mouth so that she couldn’t shout and quickly cut her throat. In order to hide the traces, I burned the blankets of Mariam’s bed and the neighboring bed and went out,” this was mentioned in the testimony of the preliminary investigation. According to the indictment, Davit had undertaken the murder because of being personally offended by Mariam Hunanyan who had been his ex-girlfriend and had broken up with him, meanwhile the convicted had announced during the previous court session that he had written the testimony because of being subjected to violence and threatened and he did not find himself guilty.

Let us note that during the recurrent court session Davit Tamrazyan did not want us to film him , that is why the video contains only the audio recording and only other participants of the legal proceeding can be seen in the video.

Note: The suspect or the accused of the alleged crime shall presumed innocent until his guilt has not been proved within the scope of the code of criminal proceeding of the RA and with the verdict of the court that had entered onto legal power.

In the main picture of the text is Davit Tamrazyan. The popto was taken during the previous court session.

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