Armenian legal periodicals




Year established – 2012


Dear Lawyers,


Armenian Young Lawyers Association (AYLA) operated legal website within the framework of which “Armenian Legal Magazine” will be published, where a wide range of legal topics will be covered.

The materials of the magazine are reviewed by an editorial panel which will include professionals of the area, legal experts. Articles are published in the legal magazine will be admitted only after due recommendation and amendments by the author. Let us also add that the print version of the magazine will be published since 2013.


In adition to articles, the magazine will include also reviews of new books.


The legal copyright for the publication will belong to the “Armenian Young Lawyers Association”within the framework of



Guidebook for authors 


Order of submission of articles: 


• Articles must not exceed 7000 words in Sylfaen font.

• Articles must be sent to the editor-in-chief of the Magazine, doctor of law, professor Garnik Safaryan at [email protected].

• Reviews and information about news books must be sent to the reviews department at [email protected].



Order of presentation of the article 


All the articles must be written in Armenia, plus a summary not exceeding 500 words in English and Armenian. Articles must also include a short bio of the author(s) in English and Armenian.



Order of presentation of footnotes and references 


All the footnotes and references in the article must be given on the bottom of each page and be complied with this system –



Deadline for submission of articles 


For this magzine of the legal website, articles are admitted on regular basis. Within a week after receiving an article or review, the editorial panel will approve the article. Final decision on publication will be made within four months. Negative or positive response will be sent to the authors via email. In case of rejection, grounds will be provided, as well.


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