The Last Plea of the Defendant in the Judicial Bribe Case: “The Prosecutor should have sit on this Chair”

Today, the judicial disputes stage at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative districts began with reprimand.

The remark of the presiding judge referred to two persons in the court room, which were talking parallel to the judge. “Have you forgotten that there should be no voice in this hall? I think you have not met for a long time,” the Judge said and the noise stopped.

The defendant Karine Karapetyan, who was the former assistant to the Judge Vladimir Grigoryan, today made her last plea, where she accused the prosecutor Avetis Apyan, who was the prosecution side of another case related to this one.

Nortably, Armine Karapetyan the assistant of the Judge of the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan, was charged with the fact that she demanded a bribe of 1500 USD from Alina Hovhannisyan for appointing non-custodial penalty against her son Garik Yesayan, but she did not give her any money because she did not have it. The prosecutor in this case Avetis Apyan motioned to apply a fine of 500 thousand AMD upon Garik Yesayan. However the court under the presiding judge Vladimir Grigoryan decided to sentence him to 2 years in prison. After the verdict was publicized Alina Hovhannisyan shouted, “You demanded 1500 USD but I did not give it, and you sentenced my child.”

Armine Karapetyan insisted that the accusation was false and fabricated. “The only person to be blamed here is prosecutor Apyan, who used the victim to initiate a case against me. He actively communicated by telephon with the mother of the accused. I do not understand why this all was necessary for the victim Alina Avetisyan. What did she gain from all these. His son had committed large-scale fraud,” she said.

According to the defendant, it was the prosecutor to be accused and not herself. “I am the only victim of all these, I have lost my job, suffered great material and moral damage. Today, the prosecutor Apyan should have been on this chair and not me,” she said and asked the court to justify her.

The court went into the deliberation room to take a verdict.

Judge Artush Gabrielyan in the photo.

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