“Who do you consider to be Fool? Can you tell me, who is Fool if the Criminal Case is not Initiated?” said the Mother of the Accused to the Judge

Today, at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administratvie Districts the trial of taking bribe in exchange for passport took place. The presided Judge Vladimir Grigoryan reminded at the beginning of the trial that previous time it was postponed because the prosecution was not present. The Judge referred to Edgar Aramyan and mentioned that next time such proceeding would be considered to be as contempt of court and adequate sanctions would be imposed.
Janna Kotikyan, the Defense of the accused Artyom Sedrakyan( the Head of Erebuni Department Passport and Visa Office of the RA Police) mentioned she was aware that the Prosecutor postponed other trail on the same day because of being overloaded: “I just want fair treatment because my Defendant is under the custody baseless.”
The Judge mentioned that they must start the trial without tension and then he started the examination of the case.
Artyom Sedrakyan’s Defense said that they had applied petition for proving that criminal proceeding was occurred without having decision of initiating the criminal case. According to the Defense, it is a violation of procedural law.
Artyom Sedrakyan’s Defense Janna Kotikyan applied a new mediation on appointing forensic expertise for her Defendant to understand whether he could remain under the custody because of his health condition and continue his healing in isolated situation. The Judge mentioned that they need to bring appropriate documents about Artak Sedrakyan’s health condition adding that interagency committee relates to that.
Then the Prosecutor applied mediation on the presided Judge Vladimir Grigoryan’s rejection. Edgar Aramyan mentioned that the Court was aware of content of Defense mediation. The Prosecutor said that the Judge was Prosecutor in Malatia-Sebastia Administrative Districts and mother of the accused-Iskuhi Vardanyan- was Judge there in 1999-2004.
“That is why you respected me, thank you- answered from her place the accused Artyom Sedrakyan’s mother- You consider the fact that mother worked in the court but the fact that there is no bases for initiating criminal case you cannot consider. You would have to respect 30-years work and did not make this scene. Enough! All the judges in Republic know Iskuhi Vardanyan ; who do you consider to be fool? Can you tell me, who is fool if the criminal case is not instantiated.”
Then the Judge went to the consulting-room and announced after returning that the mediation of the Prosecutor was rejected.
The other accused Aida Sargsyan, Sofia Uzunyna, Gohar Zargaryan, Vahagn Melqonyan (Ex-employee of the Department of Passport and Visa Office of the RA Police) and Navo Asoyan were introduced the accusative conclusion of their cases; the accused ones do not consider themselves guilty.
The Judge decided to start with the evidence investigation then witnesses’ testimonies would follow and after which the examination of the accused would be.
Because of the overloaded work of the Defense the trial postponed and the next one is appointed on August 14 at 12:00 o’clock.
According to the accusative conclusion, Artyom Sedrakyan is accused of giving new passport to the citizen A. Sloyan in exchange of 5000$. After bargaining he got bribe for 4500$ (1.833.035 AMD). Then he gave public servant S. Unusyan 203675 AMD (500$) amount of money for making that document.
The employees of Erebuni Department Passport and Visa Office of the RA Police Aida Sargsyan, Sofia Unusyan, Gohar Zargaryan, Vahagn Melqonyan participated to this. The restraint measure towards the employees and Navo Asoyan (the one who gave bribe for new passport) is appointed as signature not to live.
Zara Manucharyan


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