Paylak Hayrapetyan’s Examination on the Offshore Case did not continue: the Injured Party was Displeased

Today, lawsuit on the scandalous offshore case ought to be continued at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Eerebuni and Nubarashen Administrative districts. But the Defense of the accused (Ashot Suqiasyan) was not present and the Prosecutor and the representatives of the injured party were late for the trial.
The court, presided by the Judge Vladimir Grigoryan, reprimanded the parties for being late and required that they came at the right time for next trial. As for the Defense Yurik Khachatryan’s absence the court reported that he could not came because of the postponement of the other case.
The accused asked for postponing the trial and did not continue the examination without his Defense. The injured person Paylak Hayrapetyan was displeased that the trial must be postponed: “One person does not come and the trial is postponed; how can that be?” The Judge answered: “It happens.”
The next trial was appointed on July 30. In case the trial took place the examination of the businessman Paylak Hayrapetyan would be continued; the court will examine him.

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