Stepan Safaryan: “There must be clearly developed cultural policy”.

 The Armenian delegation to the “Euronest” Parliamentary Assembly has returned with gifts.

Each country delegation received a carpet, cognac title “Shushi” and a history book on ancient states of “Azerbaijan”. “If we don’t approach this issue very seriously, disputes will be eternal”, said MP Stepan Safaryan at a meeting with reporters and added that Azerbaijan’s first lady has quite an influence over UNESCO not only financially, but also personally and acts as its Ambassador.

MP says Armenia’s “Duduk and music” are included in UNESCO’s spiritual cultural heritage, however Azerbaijan continues to call it Azerbaijani and call it “balaban”.

“We need a specific cultural policy. Like I said before, Ministers of Culture are not there for throwing musical events. They need to provide cultural policy guidance,” says Safaryan.

NA MP believes Armenian delegation to Baku raised the issue of misrepresenting history in Azerbaijani school manuals referring to CIS parliamentary assembly analysis.

Stepan Safaryan believes we face the challenge of preserving our national and spiritual heritage today.

Nune Hovsepyan 

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