Who Navasard Kjoyan drinks toast to in Europe? An injured Person is examined on the Scandalous Offshore Case

Today, at the  Court of General Jurisdiction of First Instance of Eerebuni and Nubarashen Administrative districts was ongoing the examination of the injured person Paylak Hayrapetyan of the scandalous case.

As he says, his all property is pledged to open 10 thousand working places in Armenia and if that much people had jobs especially in gold and diamond industry the outcome would be much bigger.

Ashot Suqiasyan is accused of getting others property by unfair way, legalized great amount of outcome got from an illegal way, and escaped from paying great amount of taxes, dues and other obligatory payments.

He mentioned that former Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Navasard Kjoyan participated in the deprivation of his property. For about AMD 12 million were sent to offshore zone then it was sent back and Kjoyan and Suqiasyan bought cars and gold.

But the accused said that Kjoyan had no connection to this case; he saw Kjoyan only a few times because he is his godfather.

The judicial sitting is very noisy and tense.

The examination of the injured person will continue at the next judicial sitting, on July 23.

Azniv Siradeghyan


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