The Evidences of the Case on Women Trafficking were studied

Today, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative District under the presiding Judge Arshak Vardanyan continued the trial on Heriknaz Khachatryan’s case. Heriknaz Khachatryan is charged for the fact that she while living in the city of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, was involved in prostitution and human trafficking, recruiting, exploiting, and hiding the people with the intention of sexual exploitation.

According to the indictment, in cooperation with her sister, Bavakan Khachatryan, who lived in Yerevan, they created an organized group with Nelly Nersisyan, who lived in United Emirates. The latter was organizing the process of issuing visas for the recruited people, and covering their transportation costs to Dubai. Heriknaz and Bavakan Khachatryans were carrying out the recruitment of the women and their transportation to Dubai.

The results of experts’ analyses of the documents were publicized at today’s session. The criminal case has 4 volumes. The following procedure was established during the court session: publicize the documents upon the agreement of parties. In case when more details would be needed, the court will call the attention to the evidence and will introduce it in greater details. Judge Arshak Vardanyan also stated that if there are documents that the court has not publicized, but the parties highlight the importance of publicizing the document, and file a motion to the court, the court grants the motion.

Hrant Gevorgyan filed a motion with request to investigate all testimonies provided by the injured and that the injured should be invited to the court, so that the defender is able cite from their testimonies in his defensive speech.

Azniv Siradeghyan

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