If in a Poor Country like Armenia someone gets 60.000 USD Salary, it means we deal with Corruption: Gevorg Gyozalyan

As we have already informed, on 23 June clashes occurred between the Police and the activists of the sit-in protest action against electricity price hike. The Police applied force against demonstrators, 237 people were detained.

Lawyer Gevorg Gyozalyan in the interview with Iravaban.net mentioned that the concrete activities of the policemen were not lawful:

“ The Police uniform is established by the Government’s decision, and nobody may wear armbands and moreover with English scripts “Police”. In this case the activities of the policemen were not lawful”.

According to the lawyer there have been publications, that the head of CJSC “Electric Networks of Armenia” Evgeny Bibin gets 60,000 USD salary. These are apparent facts that were heard in National Assembly. In the lawyer’s opinion there is no denial about the corruption within this case. “It is clear that if in a poor country like Armenia someone gets 60.000 USD salary, it means we deal with corruption risks, moreover if the company does not work effectively.”

Gevorg Gyozalyan appreciated the audit conduct, hoping that after it answers may be given to some questions. Nevertheless, he also mentioned that the guilty leaders of the company should incur a criminal blame.

Zaruhi Manucharyan