The Defender angrily left the Court Room

The Court of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan continued the trial on the case of waitress Mariam Hunanyan’s murder (presiding Judge Tatevik Grigoryan). The court examined the accusation filed against the defendant Davit Tamrazyan.

The court trial began 20 minutes late because the penitentiary informed that the defendant will be late for 15 minutes caused by the arisen problems.

Advocate Cromwell Grigoryan continued his questions to the witness Milena Mirijanyan. The witness mainly responded that she does not remember anything. Judge Grigoryan was removing the other questions mentioning that the witness had answered those during the last court hearing. Defender Grigoryan objected to the judge’s actions considering that they were illegal.

During the trial the defendant Davit Tamrazyan felt bad and an ambulance was called. The defendant then asked to delay the Court hearing, “My ears ache terribly, I do not hear anything and my brain do not work,” – he said. The advocate made a corresponding motion, but the prosecution objected. Judge Tatevik Grigoryan said that there was not any finding by the emergency aid staff and thus there are no grounds to grant the motion. Advocate Cromwell Grigoryan objected to the judge’s actions and challenged the judge and after that left the court room.

The judge left to take a decision against the defense actions. The judge returned to the court room and made a decision to apply sanctions against Cromwell Grigoryan and call to responsibility for breaching the court order.

The trial was delayed due to the absence of the defender. The next court hearing was set on 3 July.

Roza Vardanyan

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