I demand to Set Free All the Arrested: Edmon Maruqyan

The Deputy of the RA National Assembly Edmon Marukyan regarding to the fact of arrests of the “No to Plunder” civic initiative members, wrote in his facebook page:

“I came back from the Metropolitan Police Department, where about 14 arrested citizens are kept since 6’clock am; Gagik Ginosyan, Artsakh war veteran, famous dancing figure was also there. After meeting the policeman it was found out that women were taken for checking alcohol usage and men to the narcological dispensary. There were no complaints against the Metropolitan Police Department but all together were complaints and information that all the arrested were assaulted and 4 of them were taken out of a taxi and brought to the department.

Gagik Ginosyan said that he noticed that an opera singer was taken with arms folded, he interfered and said that she was an opera singer, and asked, “What are you doing,” then he was also arrested with force, and he is going to provide a detailed report about this to the investigator.

The Head of the Metropolitan Police Department informed that a criminal case has been instituted with the characteristics of hooliganism.

I should note that the arrested persons cannot find out their procedural status even after 6 hours spent at the police department. I demanded from the head of the police to clarify the procedural status of the activists, I personally explained them their constitutional and procedural rights; after that they were taken to the investigator to solve the issue of their status. Anahit Bakhshyan joined me; she also demanded to set free all the arrested.”


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